Oil of other times

Cold pressed superior category olive oil 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From fresh olives harvested in the fall in vestina area

you get the Elaide Oil, a golden oil with green reflections.
Round, harmonious and balanced taste with notes

of herbaceous and fruity scents.

5 taste variations to choose among, from the most delicate to the boldest one ... discover them in our shop!

In the heart of Abruzzo

Ours is a small family company in the heart of Abruzzo located in Rosciano on the foothills of Pescara within the olive-growing area recognized as Aprutino-Pescara Denomination

of Protected Origin.

We cultivate OUR OLIVES by ourselves and transform them directly in EXTRA VIRGIN OIL.

This makes our activity a small but proud company.

Our recipes

To be successful any recipe needs high quality ingredients, this is the reason why Elaide Oil is most suitable to obtain unique and genuine dishes, as they once were, with simple flavours but rich in taste.

We’ve selected some typical recipes from the territory from which

this generous oil comes from.

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